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Home Schooling for Advocates and Care Managers

Whether or not you are home with school aged youngsters during this pandemic self-isolation time, it’s a great time to play school!

In this case, I mean… schooling yourself. During this quiet spell, it’s a great idea to prep yourself for the craziness to come as patients begin to realize what they need post-pandemic – you.

Ask yourself: 

  • What services can I learn more about in hopes of helping my clients?
  • What skills do I wish I had for service clients or improving my business acumen?
  • How many CEs do I need to maintain my certification, and where can I find them and earn them?
  • What am I paying someone else to do that I might be able to do myself, to either increase revenues, or save costs?

Then – go online to find courses to take, or find experts to interview, mentor you, or coach you.  Here are some places to look:

Know of other available courses for advocates and care managers?  Please comment below — you’ll be helping others, too.


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