About Practice UP! Online
for Patient Advocates and Care Managers

image of two people taking online courses for advocacy and care management

Whether you have been in advocacy or care management practice for a long time, or you have just recently begun to think about establishing a practice, you can find the education you need here at PracticeUP! Online.

Our goal is to provide you with a premium education – online courses for health and patient advocates and care managers, to allow you to pick and choose what you need and want to learn, when it’s convenient for you, in an abbreviated time frame. We figure the quicker you learn what you need to learn, the sooner you’ll be helping the patients and caregivers who need you!

Launched in early 2019, Practice UP! Online was developed as a sister site to The Alliance of Professional Health Advocates, the premier membership organization for patient and health advocates and care managers.

Completing these online courses will improve the abilities of advocates and care managers to serve their clients (patients and caregivers) by being good business practitioners as well as solid advocates.

The first instructor to develop courses on the Practice UP! platform is Trisha Torrey. Over time, additional instructors and courses will be added to the site.

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