Find answers to the questions we are asked… yes… frequently!

Questions about Course Logistics
Are these courses offered online, or in person, or?

Most Practice UP! Courses are offered strictly online and are self-paced. Some combine online learning with teleconference or video conferencing and may require “in-person” attendance (using a computer or device) during those times.

No courses require physical attendance in the same specific location.

Do these courses have specific start dates or may I take them whenever I want to?

Our courses are offered in different formats, depending on the subject matter, and sometimes the duration of the course.

Most are self-paced and may begin at any time. Others are dependent on a cohort of learners who will share information and therefore must take the course at the same time. Each course’s description describes when and how the course is offered.

If I don’t finish my course immediately, can I still gain access to it later?

You have up to 3 years to access any course for which you earn certification CEs, and up to 1 year to take all other courses.

If you don’t complete a course, we will send reminders (yes – we will nag you!)  to improve the chances you’ll complete the course in the allowed time.

Do you offer CEs or CEUs for your courses?

Yes. Some of our courses, and our bootcamps, offer continuing education units / credits.

CEs offered are specifically tailored to maintenance of certifications advocates and care managers might hold including BCPA, CSA, and CMC. Other certifications may also accept PracticeUP! courses for CEs. We can help you obtain those CEs.

Not all courses provide CEs. Courses that provide CEs for one certification may not provide them for all certifications. The courses that do offer them state that clearly on their description page. Upon completion of the course, the certificate you receive will have the CE ID numbers you will need to use them toward your CE management if the course has been pre-approved for CEs by your certification organization.

Learn more about how PracticeUP! can help you earn CEs (CEUs) here.

Requirements – Technology and Time
What technology do I need to take these courses?

You will need internet access. No courses may be accessed offline. Videos cannot be downloaded.

Most Practice UP! courses can be accessed using any device large enough to allow you to read the screen. This includes PC, Mac, and Android devices.

In some cases a course will recommend use of a computer rather than a portable device because you’ll need more screen space. That recommendation is noted for each course where this applies.

How much time does it take to complete a Practice UP! course?

The amount of time varies depending on the course content and its purpose. Some courses last 15 minutes. Others last for months with many assignments and meetings.

Find course time requirements in the description of each course.

Can I download the videos to view offline at another time?

No. The videos are hosted in a protected space and cannot be downloaded from the PracticeUP! website.

Costs for Courses or Other Fees
How much do the courses cost?

The price for each course depends on the skill being taught and learned, and the time commitment for completion. In general, you’ll find most courses fall into pricing models defined here.

Are there any discounts available?

Discounts are available to all members of The Alliance of Professional Health Advocates. Those discounts vary by the course.

Additional discounts may be made available through various educational groups who wish to supplement the courses they offer with these additional skills.

Are there any additional fees for taking courses?

No, and possibly. The pricing for all courses is inclusive for the course itself. Some courses may involve an additional purchase (books, memberships).

Courses that offer Continuing Education Credits (CEs) may have an additional charge for those credits.

Any additional costs will be clearly spelled out in the course description.

What are my options for paying for courses?

You may pay for your courses by credit card, check, bank check, or money order. Learn more about costs, payment, and yes – discounts! – on the Pricing and Payment page of this site.

Do you offer refunds for courses?

No. We have a No Refund policy because courses can be reviewed and completed in just a short period of time.

Unfortunately it would be simple for someone to pay for a course, take it quickly, then ask for a refund. Whether or not that would be a learner’s intent is not something we can gauge; therefore – no refunds.

Miscellaneous Questions
If don’t see a course I want, may I make a request?

We hope you will share your ideas with us! Please find our Course Request here.

May I teach a course on the Practice UP! site?

Our teachers are handpicked from well-respected experts in their subject matter. If this describes you, please tell us of your interest and ability here.

Do you have an alphabetical list of all the PracticeUP! courses?

Yes. Find an alphabetical list here.

Do you offer certification through the PracticeUP! Website?

We are not a certification body, and therefore do not offer “certification” in the classic sense of any sort of national recognition. We do offer some certificates of completion – but they are certificates only.

In some cases, those certificates can be used to fulfill CE (CEU) requirements for certifications you have earned from other organizations. Learn more about the CEs we offer, and how to use them to fulfill your CE requirements.

If I earn CEs from a PracticeUP! course, do they expire?

There is no expiration date on your earned CEs from PracticeUP!  However, your access to your certificate will expire 3 years from the date you register for your course, and we are unable to retrieve old certificates for you. It’s good practice for you to download and save your CE certificate as soon as you complete your course.

If you have a question we have not answered here, please contact us.