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And we try to make our pricing simple to understand, too. 

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Important Note for Members of APHA, The Alliance of Professional Health Advocates: In partnership with PracticeUP!, APHA members will find most of the courses are either free or available at reduced pricing.  Learn more.

Course Levels and Pricing:



(numbered < 100)

Sample Courses are just that – free samples so you can try them to see if the format works for you. They are quick and simple, and representative of how online learning works at Practice UP!

•  See the Master List of Sample Courses

$29 or FREE


(numbered 100 to 499) 

Basic level courses are basic courses available to all learners for $29.

APHA members may take these courses for free or at a discount. Learn more.*

•  See the Master List of Basic Courses


(numbered 500 to 799)

These higher level courses, numbered 500 or higher, are available to all learners. They are courses that last longer, are more detailed than Basic Level, and cost $59 each.

APHA members’ discounts are based on the membership they have. Learn more.*

•  See the Master List of Intermediate Courses

Variable Pricing


(numbered 800 and up)

Advanced Level courses, numbered 800 and higher, are available to all learners. They are courses that are extensive and highly detailed, and may involve personal meetings, or attendance at webinars or meetings. Their pricing varies based on the details of the course.

•  See the Master List of Advanced Courses

Payment Options and Instructions

You may use a credit card, or pay by check, bank, or money order. As you register for your courses, you’ll be prompted for your form of payment.

Credit card payments are made through Stripe, simply linked in your cart. Stripe is a secure credit card processor with an excellent reputation. Practice UP! does not retain your personal payment information.

To pay by check: Link here for instructions.

Course Access, Length, and Duration

The length of each course varies. They may take only a few minutes to complete, or they may take months. The estimated duration is available in the description for each course.

Once you register and pay for a course, you will have access to the entire course and its materials depending on the course’s CE status:

  • CE bearing courses offer three-year access.
  • Non-CE bearing courses offer one-year access. 

You will receive periodic notices to be sure you have ample access to complete each course. Upon expiration, your access, and any completion records, will be removed from the site. They will no longer be retrievable, so we recommend you complete them in the ample time provided, and download any CE certificates you earn.


We have a No Refund Policy on this site because courses can be reviewed and completed in just a short period of time.

Unfortunately it would be simple for someone to pay for a course, take it quickly, then ask for a refund. Whether or not that would be a learner’s intent is not something we can gauge; therefore – no refunds.

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