Do You Make These Simple, Very Unprofessional, Errors?

There are simple spelling or usage errors that advocates make – frequently! – that scream “UNPROFESSIONAL!”

Do you make them?

I have seen them in emails, on discussion boards, even on brochures and websites!

Granted – they are common errors, and it’s entirely possible that potential clients or their loved ones would not realize they are errors.

But if this sort of “small” detail escapes you, and someone knows it, what does it say about your attention to detail? What does it say about your level of professionalism when you get obvious care management or advocacy-related terms, spellings, or usage wrong? Nothing good, I assure you.



Making Sure Potential Clients Can’t Phone You

…. say what?

I hope that title caught your attention. You’re thinking, “Woops! She didn’t check her title for errors!”

But yes, I did check. I created a title that would catch your attention because chances are you are guilty of the very point I’m going to raise today.

For the third time in the past month, I received a phone call from someone who was desperate to find an advocate.  As I always do, I patiently explained to her that we have no advocates in our office (we run a directory and an education site, but we are not advocates ourselves) – and that she would need to search in the AdvoConnection Directory.

“I already looked there!” she exclaimed.



Saving Your Practice (and Sleeping at Night)

Before I ever started working in healthcare or patient empowerment and advocacy, I almost learned this lesson the hard way.

It was 2002. I owned a small marketing company – among the first-ever marketers to focus on small business web marketing.

I managed about 15 websites in all, including my own sites, all hosted by the same company. In those days we didn’t worry about hackers or security; just space and bandwidth. There was no such term or description as “the cloud”.

My business was growing. The web was booming! And I never gave “security” a moment’s thought, until…



The Easiest Newsletter in the World

Does the idea of sending a regular email newsletter to your small group of contacts make you cringe?  Maybe you would rather pull out all your fingernails? 

That’s the reaction I get from so many when I suggest they could be issuing a regular newsletter!  And I think I know why…. which is the point for today’s post. I’m going to help you develop the easiest newsletter in the world.

A quick disclaimer: what I’m not going to do today is to show you how to set up a true opt-in, opt-out newsletter sending system. I’ve added links below that can help you get started with those aspects. (You must be an APHA member to access them.)

What I will teach you is the easiest way in the world to add newsletter content your clients and potential clients will be interested in reading, so they will look forward to opening your newsletter each time it arrives in their inbox.  Further, they may forward it to someone else, or share your info in some way because (ta da!) they remembered you are there to help them…  which, of course, is the entire purpose of doing a newsletter to begin with.


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