Maximizing Your Star Power!


Today we’re looking at ratings and reviews (testimonials, or endorsements – all of them) and best practices for where to place them. This question popped up recently when I noticed an APHA member’s email signature included a request for 5-star ratings on her Google listing. I asked her how she had chosen that particular ratings location. There are so many places a client can rate an advocate or care manager! Google is one. But ratings are also found on Yelp, …

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The Folly of a Free Consultation

samples of juice

In the past few days I’ve had occasion to check out more than one dozen websites created by advocates and care managers. Of those sites, all but two offered a “Free Consultation.” Say it ain’t so! Why? Because the great majority of these free consultation offers simply pave the road to failure. I know… most advocates and care managers who are new to business think that a “free sample” will convince people to work with them, sign a contract, send …

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Aye, Aye, Aye – Don’t Begin with “I”!


One of the simplest and most important rules to effective marketing is one that is broken most frequently by advocates who don’t really understand a few marketing basics. Yet, it’s among the simplest to understand once it’s explained. Further, it’s quite easy to fix. Good, effective marketing is always about seeing the world through the eyes of our target audiences. What we tell them should be focused on THEM and THEIR needs, framed as the benefits to working with us. …

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HIPAA or PIPEDA at Your Fingertips


For all its good intentions, HIPAA (known as PIPEDA in Canada) is a pain in the backside. Yes, granted, what it’s intended to do is keep personal health/ medical information safe and away from the eyeballs and datasets it shouldn’t be seen in – a good thing. But of course, as we all know, the road to heaven is paved with all those good intentions… and here we are 25 and 20 years after their implementation, and that heaven-bound road …

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How Building Your Practice Can Be as Simple as Answering “Why?”

making a to-do list

A recent article in Inc. Magazine caught my eye. Science Says Add Just 1 Element to Your To-Do List to ‘Remarkably’ Improve Your Success Rate Just one element? Well, yes, although it’s maybe a wee bit more complicated than that. Yet, it is a simple idea, and easy enough to try out for a little while to see if it helps us get where we want to go. For those of us in the habit of creating To-Do lists regularly, …

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