Takers vs Givers: Far More Than Nuance for Advocates and Care Managers

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Once when my mother was still alive (she passed in 2009) while she was in the late stages of Alzheimer’s, I visited my parents from 1200 miles away, seeing them for the first time in several months. Dad looked exhausted. “No wonder you’re so tired, Dad. Being Mom’s caretaker must be exhausting.” Dad, who had always been there for Mom – her incredibly supportive husband – paused for a moment, then replied, “Yes. It can be exhausting. You’re right. But …

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Penny Wise, Pound Foolish, Lost Opportunity

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I have two stories to tell you today to illustrate the reason for this tip, both of which will, hopefully, turn on that “aha!” lightbulb that resides in our heads… Story #1: The first story was told to me by a neighbor who has a son, Brian, thirty-something, who, as she explained, lacks the common sense he was born with. (To me, the jury is out on whether he was, actually, born with it at all….) Brian has made foolish …

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What’s Next? Managing Client Expectations


Years ago, I worked with the staff at a large primary care practice teaching them some basic customer service-type skills to help them better manage their patients and, frankly, improve their own job satisfaction, too. Nurses, receptionists, the referral and billing groups – clinical and non-clinical staff attended. We made lists of patient complaints, then worked together to develop some simple and no-cost approaches they could use to reduce complaints. I then asked them to begin implementing some of those …

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Maximizing Your Star Power!


Today we’re looking at ratings and reviews (testimonials, or endorsements – all of them) and best practices for where to place them. This question popped up recently when I noticed an APHA member’s email signature included a request for 5-star ratings on her Google listing. I asked her how she had chosen that particular ratings location. There are so many places a client can rate an advocate or care manager! Google is one. But ratings are also found on Yelp, …

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The Folly of a Free Consultation

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In the past few days I’ve had occasion to check out more than one dozen websites created by advocates and care managers. Of those sites, all but two offered a “Free Consultation.” Say it ain’t so! Why? Because the great majority of these free consultation offers simply pave the road to failure. I know… most advocates and care managers who are new to business think that a “free sample” will convince people to work with them, sign a contract, send …

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