Personalized Small Group Learning: 
One Weekend, Great Skills!

Become the independent advocate or care manager you want to be.


COVID / Coronavirus Update 2020

Bootcamp is being replaced
by APHA Academy!APHA Academy logo

While we may return to in-person bootcamps in
different cities in 2021*, for now we have
moved all this learning – and much more –
to an online learning offer
and we hope you’ll want to take advantage!

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APHA Academy


Learn the skills you need to help you start a health / private advocacy or care management practice,
then attend to the business details that can make you a success.

This bootcamp will help you develop the skills you need:

Web Management
… and more.

*Bootcamps have been rescheduled:

Orlando, Florida
April 30 and May 1, 2021

However!  We will not be taking registration until we know it is safe
once the coronavirus / COVID-19 pandemic
social distancing and other safety steps are no longer required.
We’ll return with updates when we can safely begin registration.

If you would like to stay updated, please provide your email address.