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Pandemic! Improve Your Service to Clients and Grow Your Practice

We hope you took our last to tip heart, Home Schooling for Advocates and Care Managers, and have sprung into action.

Since then, we have launched our newest course here at PracticeUP! Online:  Pandemic! Take Care of Clients, Preserve and Grow Your Practice… 

It’s free!  Further, you can earn CEs for taking it, too… 

So why wouldn’t you want to take this course? Here are a few details:



End-of-Year Clean Up, and a Tiny Detail That Speaks Volumes

As business owners, there are several tasks that need to be handled as the new year rolls around. If you are a new business owner, you may – or may not – have a list of To Dos like I do.

Here are some examples, including one seemingly tiny detail that so often gets overlooked, but can be totally off-putting to anyone who sees it.

On January 1, repeating each year on my calendar, my list of tasks includes things like:



A One Word Action Step For Us All

This week’s TIP is a reminder to us all – including myself! – because it’s too easy to violate this one word action step.

I cite it today because I was actually guilty of failing to do this myself – and then had to apologize, and fix the problem, a problem which, had I paid attention, would not have happened. I wasted her time, my time, and it took far more effort to fix the problem than it would have taken had I not made the error.

Fortunately the person I had not properly helped was understanding – much appreciated of course. But believe me, I’ll be far more careful in the future!

And hopefully, after reading this post, you will, too.

That one word action step is….



Here a Hacker, There a Hacker – How Hackers Will Affect Your Practice (Even if You Don’t Think They Can)

… Everywhere a hacker, hacker!

And if you think you and your practice aren’t affected by hackers, there is one way you could be, without even realizing it.

Hackers are experts at getting inside website code, and they do it constantly. In fact, on any given day, among PracticeUP! websites and sister websites, hacking attempts are made hundreds of times EACH DAY.

Hackers are typically trying to accomplish a few things:

  • Steal credit card information.
  • Steal identity information including not just names, phone numbers, and addresses, but email addresses, passwords, and answers to security question answers (like “your mother’s maiden name”).
  • Inject code into a site so the site links to malicious websites that will steal these sorts of information.
  • Inject malicious code called keyloggers into a site which steal personal information from forms or purchases as they are being made.
  • Change information on a site for other nefarious reasons like ruining reputations.
  • … and others.

Until now, the common wisdom among those who offer websites with no forms or products to sell has been that hackers would never bother them because – what did they offer that hackers would care about?

But today, in almost 2020, that wisdom has taken a hit.



Non-Profit – Rarely the Right Choice for Your Practice

Not a week goes by when a new advocate tells me he or she plans to establish their new advocacy practice as a non-profit organization.

“Why do you think you want to establish your practice as a non-profit?” I ask.

“Because then I won’t have to ask patients for money,” is the nonsensical response.

“Then where will your money come from?” I continue. “How will you sustain your business?”

….crickets….. then…..

“That’s why I called (or wrote to) you!”



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