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Pandemic! Improve Your Service to Clients and Grow Your Practice

We hope you took our last to tip heart, Home Schooling for Advocates and Care Managers, and have sprung into action.

Since then, we have launched our newest course here at PracticeUP! Online:  Pandemic! Take Care of Clients, Preserve and Grow Your Practice… 

It’s free!  Further, you can earn CEs for taking it, too… 

So why wouldn’t you want to take this course? Here are a few details:

For one thing, we tapped into the expertise of 12 currently practicing advocates and care managers to ask them about the steps they are taking to do both those things:  serve their clients, and grow their practices.  Where else can you find a total of 13 experts to answer your questions?

There are two versions of the course: 

The free version is exactly that – free. It includes ALL the content – identical – with one exception…  there are no assessments (no quizzes) to gauge progress and understanding. Just lots of great information in an easy to digest format.

The second version is for earning CEs (CEUs) – continuing education credits toward recertification.  They are already approved for BCPAs and CSAs. We are working on other approvals, too – but even if you take the course prior to our approval, we’ll help you get that approval afterwards. The difference in the courses (free and this one) are the quizzes (assessments) which must be passed to earn the CEs.  There are three quizzes in total.

So – hop on over. Decide which of the courses you would like to complete… and get started!

This IS the time.


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