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One of your goals as a business / practice owner is to be sure your name becomes synonymous with excellence and expertise.  That’s true whether you’re talking about excellence and expertise for current or potential clients, or fellow advocates and care managers.

This concept supports your reputation and branding, the professionalism of your work, and the marketing of your abilities.

One way you can make your name known is by intelligent comment on other people’s blogs and articles. When you are roaming the web and learning about the healthcare system, or reading the news, or finding TIPS – often you’ll see a comment box at the bottom of the page, providing you with the ability to showcase your thoughtful response.



Just Say NO

Especially in the early days of building a new advocacy or care management practice, you might be very tempted to attempt to fulfill any request that comes your way.

But smart business owners know when to say NO.

Sometimes it seems almost impossible to eek that small word out of our mouths!  But there will be as many times it’s important for NO to be your answer as they will be times you can agree. Maybe more.

So many advocates, because they have such HUGE hearts, want to please the person they respond to. But being a people pleaser at the wrong time won’t help you build a strong business.

When might NO be the right answer? 



Finding Time (Squirrel!) is All in Your Attitude

When I first began working for myself, I found lots of “things” that needed to be done.

The phone rang – of course I needed to answer it! Email required immediate replies – or provided a link to something I just had to read, right then. Or, I needed to start dinner. Or I needed to water my plants. or… or… or….

I’m very easily distracted (“squirrel!”) and every little noise or interruption is far more fascinating than the one that came seconds before it!

As a result, I never felt like I was making progress. I had reports to file, marketing to do, web development, articles, and books to write… things that required chunks of uninterrupted time. But the only time that wasn’t interrupted seemed to be late nights or weekends.

I got into terrible habits, because the work – work I got paid for – needed to be done, and I was allowing all those interruptions to get in my way.

No more.




Nobody is perfect and you will make mistakes.  We all do!

You might forget to return a phone call, or you may invoice a client for too much or too little. You might run late, or even fail to appear at an appointment, or you might make a math mistake on a medical bill review … or thousands of other errors, large and small.

There are three “must dos” when you learn you’ve messed up in some way, as follows:



The First Question to Ask a Potential Client

How exciting!

You’ve got a real live potential new client on the phone… you dive right in and begin asking questions, letting them answer, listening carefully, taking copious notes… a good start, right?

The potential new client seems very ready to speak with you. He seems to know just how to answer your questions. He seems pretty savvy about what the advocate-patient relationship might look like. 

What a joy!

Or…. is it?


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