Leave Transportation to the Professionals

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New advocates are often surprised to hear the advice, “Never transport a patient yourself.” At first it seems like transportation would be a great service to provide, especially to seniors who may no longer want to, or be able to, drive themselves. How convenient for their patient advocate to provide transportation! But let’s examine the idea for a moment, and you’ll see why transporting a client is a bad idea.

Create Your Authority in Search Engines

A website is not a field of dreams!  Just because you’ve got one, doesn’t mean anyone can find it – or you. The higher you rank in a web search engine, the more apt you are to be found by potential clients. That’s more business, and more income!  So spending a few minutes to help yourself rank higher is definitely a good use of your time. There are many fairly simple ways you can improve your ranking in search engines. …

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Friends Aren’t Clients

As advocates, we often hear from “friends”: “My friend really needs help!  Her health is deteriorating and she has trouble getting to the doctor. Will you help her?” “My sister can’t handle her medical bills and they are piling up. I need an advocate who can help her organize them and get them paid.” “My boyfriend has chronic pain and gets so frustrated with his doctor because he won’t help him. I need you to talk to his doctor.” … …

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Make Your Searches Work Harder

Whether you’re doing a Google (or other search engine) search, or you’re doing a search on a specific website, use these guidelines to help you: The fewer words you use in a search, the more results you will get. Example: You’ll get millions of results with a one-word search in Google, but you might get just enough results if you use a one-word search on the APHA membership site.

Use a Professional Email Address

As a professional, you should be using a professional email address, not a personal or shared email address. Good to use:  jane@janesadvocacy.com Not good to use:  jeremysgrammy@hotmail.com  or  ilovedogs@outlook.com Further, whenever possible, use an email address that associates with your advocacy or care management website (like “janesadvocacy.com” found above) rather than using an email address available to anyone and everyone.

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