Create Your Authority in Search Engines

A website is not a field of dreams!  Just because you’ve got one, doesn’t mean anyone can find it – or you.

The higher you rank in a web search engine, the more apt you are to be found by potential clients. That’s more business, and more income!  So spending a few minutes to help yourself rank higher is definitely a good use of your time.

There are many fairly simple ways you can improve your ranking in search engines. They include using specific keywords and phrases, and other SEO (Search Engine Optimization) tactics. (APHA members can find good SEO information here.)

But one of them is frequently overlooked and takes only a few minutes of your time each week. It’s called Creating Authority.

Search engines consider you an authority when there are lots of links that go TO (not from, but TO) your website. The more links TO your website, the higher your search engine authority.

There are some obvious ways to do this, like making sure your social media accounts link to your website, or listing yourself in directories that link to your website.

But here’s one that is less obvious, can be fun, and helps you become a search engine authority:

Comment on blogs and articles, and provide a link to your website with your comment. That link will then be published with your comment, and will provide a link – authority – to your website.

Comments don’t need to be extensive at all. You can simply say you agree with a point, or provide an alternative point of view. You can add more information, or even provide a new resource to the reader.

Not only will you gain authority, and move up your ranking in a search engine, your name will become associated with wise commentary by others who find what you’ve had to say.

Simple, right?  Give it a try at the APHA blog….


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