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The Solution to the Paralysis of Analysis

Years ago, I wrote on the APHA Blog: Just Can’t Throw the Switch? The Analysis of Paralysis

Wow!  What a nerve I touched with the point — that sometimes we spend so much time worrying about what might happen if we attempt something big (like starting a new business) that we are too paralyzed to actually take the leap.

So let’s take a look at that leap…

Yes – it’s a biggie!  And while it’s not to be taken lightly, there are some truths that might help you take the leap.

First – let’s define it:

  • It’s a leap – possibly from having an employer and a steady paycheck (even if you are miserable, bored, frustrated, or all those other aspects of working for someone else) – to determining your own destiny and success (and yes, income) through self-employment, as a practice owner – an advocacy or care management practice of your own.
  • It’s a leap – from the security of a paycheck (although – how many people do you know who have been laid off from their jobs?) – to the potential insecurity of not knowing how or when you will make your money.
  • It’s a leap – from your current situation (you define it) to following your passion and making money while you do that: doing good for others while you do well for yourself.

One thing we know about analyzing your paralysis is this:  making that leap requires confidence. Confidence in yourself. Confidence in your planning. Confidence in your skills – or at least confidence that the resources exist to help you with the skills you’ll need, as you need them.

And so that’s our solution:  let’s build your confidence!

Which brings us to this tip – which is an invitation to join us for two days of learning. The opportunity to prep yourself to launch your practice (or grow the one you’ve started).. Invest in yourself and your success… at our upcoming PracticeUP! Bootcamp.

What do you want to learn about the business of advocacy?

This bootcamp, being held in Orlando, June 7 & 8, 2019, will be a small group, tailored business and marketing learning. It’s a quick, and inexpensive way to get yourself started… and to boost your confidence. And – you can earn CEs, too.

Learn more about the PracticeUP! Orlando Bootcamp here.

(And – to answer the question before it’s asked:  no, no other bootcamps are scheduled this year. Not that one might not be scheduled – it might – but we’re going to see how this one goes before we decide on another one.)

Get registered to attend the PracticeUP! Orlando Bootcamp!  (And, if you register by April 25, you can save money!)


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