How Your Voice Can Ruin Your Practice

“Oh honey! Let me see if I can button that for you!” Those were the words I heard on a recent visit to see a friend in an assisted living center. Then I watched “honey” cringe and roll her eyes…

“I am NOT a child!” she snapped.

“Elderspeak,” the tendency of younger people to speak to frail-appearing elders in a tone of voice not unlike baby talk makes me cringe, too. Hearing such baby talk to an older adult goes right up my backbone. I can only imagine, when someday I’m in a nursing home and some sweet-young-thing speaks to me as if I have only half a brain, what I will say to him or her. When I am underestimated, I am not kind in return.



A Simple Switcheroo

Doesn’t it drive you crazy when you are trying to fill out a form, or log into a website, or anything else that requires you to use a login ID or password – and it just won’t let you log in?

It happens on computers – Macs and PCs both. It happens on tablets, and phones. And it happens anytime you’re expected to use your private info to log in.

Then it will tell you – oh! – just reset your password!  So you do. Only to realize that whatever device you are using has saved your old login information and keeps overwriting the new info. 

So frustrating!



Comment on Blog Posts and Articles

One of your goals as a business / practice owner is to be sure your name becomes synonymous with excellence and expertise.  That’s true whether you’re talking about excellence and expertise for current or potential clients, or fellow advocates and care managers.

This concept supports your reputation and branding, the professionalism of your work, and the marketing of your abilities.

One way you can make your name known is by intelligent comment on other people’s blogs and articles. When you are roaming the web and learning about the healthcare system, or reading the news, or finding TIPS – often you’ll see a comment box at the bottom of the page, providing you with the ability to showcase your thoughtful response.



Just Say NO

Especially in the early days of building a new advocacy or care management practice, you might be very tempted to attempt to fulfill any request that comes your way.

But smart business owners know when to say NO.

Sometimes it seems almost impossible to eek that small word out of our mouths!  But there will be as many times it’s important for NO to be your answer as they will be times you can agree. Maybe more.

So many advocates, because they have such HUGE hearts, want to please the person they respond to. But being a people pleaser at the wrong time won’t help you build a strong business.

When might NO be the right answer? 


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