Help Your Clients Save Money on Income Taxes

Here we are in the midst of income tax filing season. Those very organized among us have already filed their taxes. But most of us are either working on them, or are thinking about working on them, or are thinking that in a few days we’ll begin thinking about working on them….

So let’s take a momentary detour to talk about how you, through your advocacy practice, can be marvelously helpful to your clients, providing them with information about how to save some money on their income taxes (maybe.)  You may even improve their health by the suggestion!

“But!” you say…  “I am not a tax preparer!  How can I help my clients save money on their taxes?”

The answer is simple. and is true for both American and Canadian income taxes (IRS and CRA). It does require a bit of explanation, though.



Always Always Your First Response

This is one of those tips that you’ve always known to be true. You just hadn’t thought about it so… well… pointedly.

I was thinking about it because recently I found myself having to backtrack to make it work. Fortunately the opportunity to backtrack was available because I was replying to an email. Thank heavens I had not vocally inserted my foot! I had a second chance.

What did I have to do? What required backtracking?



How Your Voice Can Ruin Your Practice

“Oh honey! Let me see if I can button that for you!” Those were the words I heard on a recent visit to see a friend in an assisted living center. Then I watched “honey” cringe and roll her eyes…

“I am NOT a child!” she snapped.

“Elderspeak,” the tendency of younger people to speak to frail-appearing elders in a tone of voice not unlike baby talk makes me cringe, too. Hearing such baby talk to an older adult goes right up my backbone. I can only imagine, when someday I’m in a nursing home and some sweet-young-thing speaks to me as if I have only half a brain, what I will say to him or her. When I am underestimated, I am not kind in return.



A Simple Switcheroo

Doesn’t it drive you crazy when you are trying to fill out a form, or log into a website, or anything else that requires you to use a login ID or password – and it just won’t let you log in?

It happens on computers – Macs and PCs both. It happens on tablets, and phones. And it happens anytime you’re expected to use your private info to log in.

Then it will tell you – oh! – just reset your password!  So you do. Only to realize that whatever device you are using has saved your old login information and keeps overwriting the new info. 

So frustrating!


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