If Prospective Clients Go Cross-eyed They Won’t Hire You

Does your practice focus on working with an older folks?  Patients, caregivers, adult children… If your work or marketing targets people over the age of 50 or 55, then this tip is for you.

Because… you may be sending them away without even realizing how or why – or importantly – what you can do instead.

Here’s why:



A Creepy, but Useful, Time and Payment Tip (in Time for Halloween!)

Sometimes it’s really tough to be able to estimate exactly how long work with a client will take.

Especially in the early years of your practice, and in particular when a client contacts you asking you to do something you know is within your competency, but you’ve never done for a (paid) client before, it’s almost impossible to assign an accurate amount of time to the project in front of you. Without the accurate amount of time, you will probably quote a way-too-low price for the work.

I call it “scope creep” – and thus (just in time for Halloween!) here is your tip to make sure you get paid, even when the scope of your work “creeps” past your estimate.



Let Others Sing Your Praises

When I have a good meal at a restaurant, I leave a good tip. I remember back to my college days when I waited tables between classes and studying… I know how much a good tip meant to me then. You may have had the same experience!

When we work with clients to provide life, health, and money-saving service, they don’t leave us a tip, of course. We bill them, and they pay us. But for most, their gratitude goes so far beyond what paying the bill can ever relay. That gratitude is sometimes shared in a phone conversation, or by a personal note, or even when they pass on our business cards to friends and family.

Further, most would do anything they could to thank you in a much grander way than just a quick thank you

So let’s tap into that wish.



Use the Calendar for Your Marketing

This is October. It appears the world has turned PINK in the name of breast cancer… as if someone spilled a lifetime supply of Pepto Bismol and it coated the world.

The breast cancer PWB (powers that be) have done a remarkable job with this branding of pink and breast cancer since their first year of pink in 1985. All that PINK does an extraordinary job of raising awareness for breast cancer research and its fundraising.

And thus – October spells “breast cancer.”

So what does that have to do with your advocacy practice? 



Here a Hacker, There a Hacker – How Hackers Will Affect Your Practice (Even if You Don’t Think They Can)

… Everywhere a hacker, hacker!

And if you think you and your practice aren’t affected by hackers, there is one way you could be, without even realizing it.

Hackers are experts at getting inside website code, and they do it constantly. In fact, on any given day, among PracticeUP! websites and sister websites, hacking attempts are made hundreds of times EACH DAY.

Hackers are typically trying to accomplish a few things:

  • Steal credit card information.
  • Steal identity information including not just names, phone numbers, and addresses, but email addresses, passwords, and answers to security question answers (like “your mother’s maiden name”).
  • Inject code into a site so the site links to malicious websites that will steal these sorts of information.
  • Inject malicious code called keyloggers into a site which steal personal information from forms or purchases as they are being made.
  • Change information on a site for other nefarious reasons like ruining reputations.
  • … and others.

Until now, the common wisdom among those who offer websites with no forms or products to sell has been that hackers would never bother them because – what did they offer that hackers would care about?

But today, in almost 2020, that wisdom has taken a hit.


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