Certified? Need CEs or CEUs?

Our recently launched Pandemic! Course has been a big success.

There are actually two versions of it. One is free – for anyone who would like to take it, and for informational purposes.

The second version was developed with additional assessments (quizzes) so students could earn CEs when they take the course… which is the subject of today’s post.

Help us help you!  We can continue to offer CEs, but we would like to know more from you about what you hope to gain from them.

Question #1: Can I get CEs for my BCPA? 
Answer #1: Yes!

Since we launched PracticeUP! in early 2019, several of our courses have been approved to offer CEs for the BCPA (Board Certified Patient Advocate) certification. That was a no-brainer. So far many of our PracticeUP! students have taken advantage of those CEs. Here is a list of all the courses that offer those CEs.

Question #2: Can I get CEs for other certifications I hold?
Answer #2: Yes! We’ve been working on it!

We’ve also been approved now, to offer one CE for the Pandemic Course to CSAs, and for the CMC (NACCM) credential, too.

  • CSAs are Certified Senior Advisors, an organization we have had a grand relationship with for many years. 
  • CMC is Certified Care Manager, offered by the National Academy of Certified Care Managers (NACCM.)

If you hold either of those newer CE-approved certifications, jump right on over to the CE version of the Pandemic course – and earn your CE.

get certification CEs for advocates and care managersQuestion #3: Can we get more CEs for existing or new certifications? 
Answer #3: Yes! And you can help.

That is – we need to know what certifications you’d like to get CEs and CEUs for! 

We’d be happy to do more of this – gaining extra CE approvals – it’s good for you and for PracticeUP! too. But it does get expensive. Those CEs are not free for PracticeUP! Each one requires an upfront payment.

So – please help us help you. We’ve put together a very quick survey (maybe 2 full minutes of your time?)  We want to know which certification you’d like us to offer CEs for – as simple as that. Take the survey here.

We’re here to make sure you learn what you need to learn, maintain your certifications, and grow your practice and our advocacy and care management professions.


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