Help Your Clients Save Money on Income Taxes

Here we are in the midst of income tax filing season. Those very organized among us have already filed their taxes. But most of us are either working on them, or are thinking about working on them, or are thinking that in a few days we’ll begin thinking about working on them….

So let’s take a momentary detour to talk about how you, through your advocacy practice, can be marvelously helpful to your clients, providing them with information about how to save some money on their income taxes (maybe.)  You may even improve their health by the suggestion!

“But!” you say…  “I am not a tax preparer!  How can I help my clients save money on their taxes?”

The answer is simple. and is true for both American and Canadian income taxes (IRS and CRA). It does require a bit of explanation, though.

The answer resolves your client’s question, “Can I deduct your advocacy services on my income tax filing?”

And the answer is – yes!  With a caveat.

Pay attention!  That caveat is important!  And it can be found here.

The upshot is that the IRS doesn’t yet have advocates on its radar, so there is some (probably minimal) risk to taking a deduction.  However, there is a very solid explanation, actually supplied by the IRS itself, with guide lines – and guide dogs, too!  (Yes – find reference to the guide dogs. Furreal. Pun intended. 🙂 )

And if you want your clients to understand the reasoning better?  Send them to this explanation, written for patients and caregivers. Put it in a newsletter, or an email… send it along to one and all.

Saving money. Good marketing. Marvelously helpful. Peace of mind. All good.


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