Let Others Sing Your Praises

When I have a good meal at a restaurant, I leave a good tip. I remember back to my college days when I waited tables between classes and studying… I know how much a good tip meant to me then. You may have had the same experience!

When we work with clients to provide life, health, and money-saving service, they don’t leave us a tip, of course. We bill them, and they pay us. But for most, their gratitude goes so far beyond what paying the bill can ever relay. That gratitude is sometimes shared in a phone conversation, or by a personal note, or even when they pass on our business cards to friends and family.

Further, most would do anything they could to thank you in a much grander way than just a quick thank you

So let’s tap into that wish.

It’s as simple as asking them for an endorsement or testimonial, then making their statement of gratitude public.

star ratingThink about it. When you go online to find a product or service, you KNOW you are influenced by star ratings and reviews. You read what those folks had to say. And, whether or not you want to admit it, it does help you make up your mind whether to patronize a certain store or restaurant, purchase a certain product, or hire a service provider.

Good ratings and reviews from others in similar circumstances DO influence our choices.

From your point of view as a business owner, there is at least one additional HUGE benefit to a good endorsement. That is, it influences your position in search engine results. Google and Bing just love them! Further, the words your endorser writes are great keywords for search engines. (More on this below.)

So – how do you make this happen?  It is very simple. Just ask, then make sure the review goes to the right place where it will be seen by potential clients who will be influenced to reach out to you.

Where are the right places? 

  • If you are listed in the AdvoConnection Directory, then that’s the perfect place. With 15,000+ searches each month, you want to be sure you are represented well.
  • Other ratings and reviews might be well placed on Yelp! or Angie’s List, or other places where potential clients might search.
  • You might set up a place on your own website that hosts your reviews and testimonials.

The first step is to ask for the endorsement:

  • Once your work with a client is complete, ask them if they would be willing to provide an endorsement or testimonial. Make sure they know it can be just a few sentences, and that it will help you help more patient-clients in the future. You might do this on the phone, or you might send an email and provide a link to the “right” place (see above.)
  • Another way to “ask” would be to add a request to the signature line in your email format, with a link to an online form at your choice of testimonial venues (the “right” places.)  This more passive way to make the request will not be as effective as a direct request.

What should you ask?endorsement stamper

  • Ask for an honest assessment of your work, in just a few brief sentences.
  • It’s also good practice to ask them to include a few detail words that will become keywords. For example, if an endorser writes “helped confirm my mother’s Alzheimer’s diagnosis” – then search engines will tap into that word “Alzheimers.”  Or – “saved us more than half on our hospital bill” – someone who does a phrase search for “save on hospital bill” will find your listing in their results.
  • If you’re lucky, your endorser might be willing to submit their good words to more than one venue! Why not ask?

Final details:

  • Make it VERY EASY for them to follow through. It’s easiest just to send an email or text request that includes a link. If instead, you ask during a phone call, then follow up with an email or text that includes a direct link to the place they need to post their review and rating.
  • The first time you ask may be like the first time you have to ask for money. It’s tough, but doable!  Be assured that as you begin to see the fruits of your requests in many stars and good words, it will become easier.

Know this:  that your very appreciative clients will love nothing more than to help you help others. They are so very grateful for your efforts, and their improved outcomes. They will be thrilled you asked, and will be even happier to sing your praises!


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1 thought on “Let Others Sing Your Praises”

  1. Rosalie E Weatherhead

    I ask my clients for a recommendation when I complete a service for them. I have mine on my FB page and all of them are very happy to write up a recommendation. They might need a family member to post it.

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