An Important – and Immediate – Pandemic-Related Marketing “Must-Do” for Advocates and Care Managers

Short and to the point today, as we continue to deal with coronavirus, both for our clients, and for keeping our practices afloat…

Of course, it may give a whole new meaning to VIRAL MARKETING! (so to speak!)

Be that as it may…  run, don’t walk, to your AdvoConnection profile, or website, or even your social media profiles, and…

Add reference to the pandemic by using keywords and statements that will alert your target audiences to your willingness and availability to help them deal with this crisis.

Your updates should include these keywords and phrases:

    • corona virus  and  coronavirus
    • covid-19
    • pandemic
    • crisis
    • keywords for the work you do (care support, billing support, etc)
    • your location (city, surrounding cities or towns or counties or provinces)

Make sure this information shows up publicly, and if you have the opportunity, you’ll also want to provide “meta content” (your webmaster will know that that is) too.

You have two goals with this tactic:

First – to alert search engines to the fact that you are in business and available immediately. It may take a week or two for them to even realize you have made a change to your profile and webpages – so do it immediately! The sooner the better.

Second – to alert the world that you aren’t sitting around waiting for this to pass. There are many services you can provide even from the comfort of your home office – and it’s imperative you figure them out so you can keep your practice afloat.

Here are some resources to help you figure all this out, including delivery of information, availability as people need you (remember – while in the midst of this pandemic, people have all the usual needs for an advocate, too!), and tools to use.

So there’s your Call to Action for today:  update your directory profile and website right away!  Time is of the essence.

And we are here to support you.*


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