A Simple Switcheroo

Doesn’t it drive you crazy when you are trying to fill out a form, or log into a website, or anything else that requires you to use a login ID or password – and it just won’t let you log in?

It happens on computers – Macs and PCs both. It happens on tablets, and phones. And it happens anytime you’re expected to use your private info to log in.

Then it will tell you – oh! – just reset your password!  So you do. Only to realize that whatever device you are using has saved your old login information and keeps overwriting the new info. 

So frustrating!

Well – here’s a little known, and simple way get around it.  Simply use a different browser. No matter what device you are using, always keep two browsers installed for use whenever you need them – and use a different one to get logged in when you get stuck with your usual browser.

Safari, Edge, Chrome, Firefox, Opera – there are more than a dozen (see below). Install at least two different browsers on your device and use the extra one when necessary.

Why does this work?

Because all devices and browsers have some sort of “caching” mechanism – meaning, whether or not you tell them you want them to save your login information, they will. And they HATE it when you try to overwrite what’s already there – and therefore, just sometimes, won’t let it work. And you just feel stuck.

By switching to a different browser, you bypass that situation.  And, you only need to use the other browser for just that one site or app you’re trying to log into because within a day or two, the “cache” will be gone. (It may require a few shut-downs or turn-offs – but it will let go, I promise!)

A simple switcheroo. Like so many annoying problems, sometimes the solution doesn’t need to be as hard as we think it does.


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