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Comment on Blog Posts and Articles

One of your goals as a business / practice owner is to be sure your name becomes synonymous with excellence and expertise.  That’s true whether you’re talking about excellence and expertise for current or potential clients, or fellow advocates and care managers.

This concept supports your reputation and branding, the professionalism of your work, and the marketing of your abilities.

One way you can make your name known is by intelligent comment on other people’s blogs and articles. When you are roaming the web and learning about the healthcare system, or reading the news, or finding TIPS – often you’ll see a comment box at the bottom of the page, providing you with the ability to showcase your thoughtful response.

So do it!  Comment!  Say your piece! Whether you agree, or disagree, or want to add to the conversation, or give an example of a time your experience was (or wasn’t) similar…  the more you comment, the quicker you will build your reputation. It takes only a few minutes, but can yield excellent and positive results.

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Here are some helpful hints – DOs – on how to do this well:

Only one DON’T – an important one:

  • DON’T comment using your business name on articles or posts that are political or religious in nature. That could be the kiss of death for your practice.

There is at least one additional benefit to commenting that will help you promote your work, and increase your status among clients and your peers. That is; when you comment on a post that speaks to a topic the press wants to write about, they may search you out to learn more. The more you post, the more likely you are to be contacted.

So – today – go ahead and comment on a post somewhere – anywhere!  You can start below. Or you can add something to the APHA blog (for fellow advocates), or even the AdvoConnection blog (for patients and caregivers) – or wherever you’d like.


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