Certified? Need CEs or CEUs?

Our recently launched Pandemic! Course has been a big success.

There are actually two versions of it. One is free – for anyone who would like to take it, and for informational purposes.

The second version was developed with additional assessments (quizzes) so students could earn CEs when they take the course… which is the subject of today’s post.

Help us help you!  We can continue to offer CEs, but we would like to know more from you about what you hope to gain from them.



Pandemic! Improve Your Service to Clients and Grow Your Practice

We hope you took our last to tip heart, Home Schooling for Advocates and Care Managers, and have sprung into action.

Since then, we have launched our newest course here at PracticeUP! Online:  Pandemic! Take Care of Clients, Preserve and Grow Your Practice… 

It’s free!  Further, you can earn CEs for taking it, too… 

So why wouldn’t you want to take this course? Here are a few details:



Home Schooling for Advocates and Care Managers

Whether or not you are home with school aged youngsters during this pandemic self-isolation time, it’s a great time to play school!

In this case, I mean… schooling yourself. During this quiet spell, it’s a great idea to prep yourself for the craziness to come as patients begin to realize what they need post-pandemic – you.

Ask yourself: 


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