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Ask for the Money


It sounds like a simple task, doesn’t it? And yet, in all these years, I have found that the lack of ability to ask for money is one of the most consistent barriers cited by those who either decide not to open an advocacy practice, or those who fail after hanging out their shingles. In my last post I wrote about a non-solution – creating a non-profit organization. So many who want to be advocates but don’t want to ask …

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Document, Document, Document


From your first contact with a potential client, whether it’s by phone or in person, keep track of what you learn and what you’ve promised. When you get started, you may think, “Why do I need to write down every detail? I can remember what I told him!”  But what if the prospective client doesn’t call you back for several weeks? Or what happens the minute you have a second client with similar needs? Even if it’s just an inquiry …

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Help Your Clients Save Money on Income Taxes

Here we are in the midst of income tax filing season. Those very organized among us have already filed their taxes. But most of us are either working on them, or are thinking about working on them, or are thinking that in a few days we’ll begin thinking about working on them…. So let’s take a momentary detour to talk about how you, through your advocacy practice, can be marvelously helpful to your clients, providing them with information about how …

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How Will You Go OUT of Business? And Why Think About It Today?

image - going out of business

Seems like an odd question, right? Why would you want to think about going out of business? Simple. Because many of your most important business decisions, especially early ones, should be at least partially dependent on what you plan to do eventually with your business.

Friends Aren’t Clients

As advocates, we often hear from “friends”: “My friend really needs help!  Her health is deteriorating and she has trouble getting to the doctor. Will you help her?” “My sister can’t handle her medical bills and they are piling up. I need an advocate who can help her organize them and get them paid.” “My boyfriend has chronic pain and gets so frustrated with his doctor because he won’t help him. I need you to talk to his doctor.” … …

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