Maximizing Your Star Power!

Today we’re looking at ratings and reviews (testimonials, or endorsements – all of them) and best practices for where to place them. This question popped up recently when I noticed an APHA member’s email signature included a request for 5-star ratings on her Google listing.


I asked her how she had chosen that particular ratings location. There are so many places a client can rate an advocate or care manager! Google is one. But ratings are also found on Yelp, or Angie’s List, or a dozen more places.

Her reply, “Because I had a business advisor who suggested it.”

First – kudos to her business advisor for suggesting this advocate make a ratings request in her email signature. It’s a great idea!

However… here is an important point for advocates and care managers … that when it comes to advocates’ ratings and stars, choosing a Google testimonial means a loss of other opportunities. I repeat… choosing a Google testimonial means you’ll miss out on other exposure for your stars.

Why does choosing Google mean a loss of other opportunities?

If you have a Google listing (a good thing to have), and you request your clients add testimonials to your Google listing, then that is the ONLY place they will show up. If someone uses another search engine (maybe Yahoo or Bing or any other) – neither your Google listing, nor in this case, more importantly – your stars – will show up at all.

That’s right – your stars won’t show up anywhere but on Google! Now, granted, Google is the search engine behemoth, so many people will see them. But searchers using other search engines will miss them entirely.

So now I am going to tell you the GOOD news! That is – there is a way to have your clients add a testimonial and stars that will then show up in ALL search engines that showcase stars – including Google! And it’s easy to do: Just ask your clients to post their stars and their review on your AdvoConnection Directory Listing.

Why? Because the AdvoConnection Directory is built specifically to be sure that all testimonials and star ratings will show up in all search engines that post ratings, including Yahoo and Bing in addition to Google.

See for yourself! Check this out (with permission of our test advocate, Elisabeth Schuler).

google search
bing search
yahoo search

So there you go… a good tip for maximizing your stardom – with NO MORE EFFORT on your part. It’s all about LOCATION – and the AdvoConnection Directory is THE place to be to maximize your star power!

How to add your ratings request to your signature:

Back to the inspiration for this tip – the suggested email signature… I do love that idea. If you are listed in the AdvoConnection Directory, you can add your request to the end of every outgoing email. Here’s an example:

sample signature

For more advice on asking for reviews and then using them for your marketing, you might like this tip: Let Others Sing Your Praises

Testimonials, and especially those stars, are great marketing! Take advantage of them as much as you can.

PS: Not yet listed in the AdvoConnection Directory? Here’s the information you need.


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