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How to Avoid Being a Brainsucker

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Even before advocacy began to coalesce as a profession, back when “patient empowerment” was still a very new concept, when most medical professionals went about their business of telling patients what to do, knowing those patients would snap their heals, salute, and do it! … It was 2007, which I’ll remind you was also pre-healthcare reform in the US… even before Barack Obama was elected, not yet the author of Obamacare. Google had been around for a few years by …

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How Alphabet Soup Can Spell Success

Have you ever noticed the initials after someone’s name? Jane Smith, PhD John Smith, BSRN, CCM Jeremiah Smith, BCPA Jenny Smith, MD, FACS … or hundreds of others! What do those initials tell you?  They actually tell you much more than you might think.

End-of-Year Clean Up, and a Tiny Detail That Speaks Volumes

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As business owners, there are several tasks that need to be handled as the new year rolls around. If you are a new business owner, you may – or may not – have a list of To Dos like I do. Here are some examples, including one seemingly tiny detail that so often gets overlooked, but can be totally off-putting to anyone who sees it. On January 1, repeating each year on my calendar, my list of tasks includes things …

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Who Are You and Why Are You Here?


Years ago I was invited to present a talk on Patient-Doctor Communications to a group of specialists. I was just one speaker during a many-day conference for thousands of doctors who had come in from all over the world. Imagine my surprise when I was assigned to a large room, set up for 300 or more attendees. And imagine my even bigger surprise when it was standing room only!  What on earth?  Me?  Why would so many people care what …

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