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Let Others Sing Your Praises


When I have a good meal at a restaurant, I leave a good tip. I remember back to my college days when I waited tables between classes and studying… I know how much a good tip meant to me then. You may have had the same experience! When we work with clients to provide life, health, and money-saving service, they don’t leave us a tip, of course. We bill them, and they pay us. But for most, their gratitude goes …

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Use the Calendar for Your Marketing


This is October. It appears the world has turned PINK in the name of breast cancer… as if someone spilled a lifetime supply of Pepto Bismol and it coated the world. The breast cancer PWB (powers that be) have done a remarkable job with this branding of pink and breast cancer since their first year of pink in 1985. All that PINK does an extraordinary job of raising awareness for breast cancer research and its fundraising. And thus – October …

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Non-Profit – Rarely the Right Choice for Your Practice

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Not a week goes by when a new advocate tells me he or she plans to establish their new advocacy practice as a non-profit organization. “Why do you think you want to establish your practice as a non-profit?” I ask. “Because then I won’t have to ask patients for money,” is the nonsensical response. “Then where will your money come from?” I continue. “How will you sustain your business?” ….crickets….. then….. “That’s why I called (or wrote to) you!” Yikes.

Don’t Lose the Contact Needle in Your Website Haystack

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Say you need to find a lawyer to help you draw up your contracts for your new advocacy practice. Which experience would you choose? Experience #1: You do a search and you arrive at Attorney Option #1’s website. You see friendly, professional faces. You see testimonials from happy clients. You see descriptions of services, one of which is “Legal Support for Small Businesses”… Wow!  Perfect!  But you search and search and don’t see a phone number. In fact, the links …

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Emailing to Groups – What Is or Isn’t Kosher

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Last week, my neighbor sent an email to a group of almost 50 people. She asked us to donate to a specific charity in honor of a neighbor who had died because she thought it would be a nice thing to do. She wanted them all to send their checks, made out to her. She would cash them and send one large donation. There are so many things wrong with her method! As well-meaning as she was, she now has …

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